About Me

About The Coffee Date Campaign

The idea for the Coffee Date Campaign came about when I was working full time as a waitress last winter to save money for an upcoming volunteer trip to Ghana. I was talking to a co-worker and her eyes lit up when she told me about her passion for old English scrolls. The more she told me, the more she elated she became. When I asked if there was a possibility to work in the field, she deflated. I had burst her bubble and brought her back down to reality. She explained that she would probably become an English professor.

It made me think.

There are so many people who are passionate about a specific topic that have to push past daily limits to pursue their passion. There are so many barriers that people face in life and yet, people overcome them.

I realized I wanted to hear people’s stories. What is their passion? Why does it make them light up? What makes them wake up excited in the morning? What have they overcome to be where they are today? I wanted and still want to know. I also love coffee dates. From there, the rest is history. The Coffee Date Campaign is a simple concept. It’s about ‘people’s passions over a cup of coffee’

About Me

Hi There! My name is Mackenzie Powell and I’m from a small town outside of Toronto. I am a 22 year old nursing student, amateur photographer, writer, researcher and a few other things when I have spare time. I just recently returned from a two month volunteer trip to Ghana and a road trip down to Dallas, Texas where I lived for a month.

Right now, I am in Ottawa to finish my final year of nursing school. I am hoping to one day be a writer as well as a nurse to balance out my love for writing and caring for the elderly. While I love both, my goal for this blog is to meet incredible people who are passionate about a specific topic.

To me it is more about their passion than the topic and it’s also an opportunity to learn something new. Everyone has a story and it is incredible what people have overcome to pursue their passions. For me, I failed one of my last semester’s of nursing school and had to overcome the stresses of failure before I followed my passion of writing to create this blog.